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About Zoomla!CMS-We have developed the best CMS in China!

China's Internet development, and look forward to excellent CMS products.
And Zoomla! CMS in 1998 began research and development, and integrate the experience of hx008.com such as IDC platform.
Currently has ten function, the eight modules, and occupy the best CMS products in the Chinese field.

We established in the Far East, the largest city in science and technology R & D center - Shanghai company, with nearly 500 square meters R & D center in Nanchang.
The company is in the best spirit of research and development, to forge ahead.
Positive R & D team exchanges with foreign countries, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and other excellent software to open up overseas markets in Europe, America, Australia.

Zoomla! Waves CMS based dotNET + the MSSQL database architecture, not only excellent support for Chinese, and more how the language module.
Service the local community, but forge ahead to pursue open.
In China, but to get through the channel of China and the world.
Welcome friends to contact us Click here for free download Zoomla! CMS:

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